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Probiotics and HIV

What are Probiotics and Why are they Important for HIV People?Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when given in sufficient quantities, will result in health benefits. There are certain strains of probiotics that have shown to related to a reduction of inflammation and permeability both of which are of notable interest for patients with HIV. In several studies [...]

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World Aids Day in San Diego

Photo courtesy by: UC San Diego News CenterWord Aids Day in San DiegoHIV World Day in San Diego

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HIV Information

Humanity with Triumph over HIV. Visbiome Research Improves Gut & Immune MarkersCan Probiotics Actually Slow the Progression of HIV?Probiotics in HIV Infection: A Systematic Review and Evidence Synthesis of Benefits and RisksThe effect of probiotics on CD4 counts among people living with HIV: a systematic review.Bacteria in our gut affects HIV—is there a solution?Yogurt containing probiotic [...]

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